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May 2012 Agenda PDF Print E-mail

UASC Meeting Agenda

30 May 2012

President's Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Welcome new Members & Guests, & Bonus Preview

Officer's Reports

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Old Business & Past Events

  • 22 New members joined during the 2012 show season

New Business & Upcoming Events

  • June 2 - 17, NAS International Field School in Traverse City, MI.
  • Survey Project Updates
    • Car Ferry #2
    • CF 2 Reference Grid
    • Flora Hill
    • Material Service
    • Sidescan Sonar
    • Silver Spray
    • Val's Wreck
    • Zion Schooners

  • June 27 Meeting - Dr. Mark Gleason, ROV Specialist
  • Upcoming & Proposed Workshops & Training Opportunities
  • Brendon Baillod, Part II
  • ROVs with Mark Gleason
  • NAS available through WUAA OR Mark Holly in Traverse City MI
  • Social and/or Training Events - Todd Hitzeman and/or Beth Plotner
  • Rouse Simmons Centennial Program - Don Doherty
  • UASC T-shirts & other swag available.

Other Business

  • Thank you to Chuck and Margo Miller for tonight's refreshments.  Please sign up.
  • Items not on the agenda may be brought up for brief discussion at this point.

Tonight's Bonus, if time permits – Tony Kiefer - Shipwreck Anatomy

Featured Speaker – Sgt. Raymond Mazzola, Chicago Police Marine Unit

Sgt. Raymond Mazzola was first certified to dive in 1963 and after serving in the military, re-entered diving in 1971. He was assigned to the police marine unit in 1977 and is currently assigned to the 2nd watch. He has worked on several plane crashes, body and evidence recoveries, and rescue work. His contributions have been recognized by both the Chicago City Council and the Fraternal Order of Police. Sgt. Mazzola has also been an SDI instructor since 1997.


Join Officers and others for further discussions at Ricobene's, 252 W. 26th Street

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