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March Meeting PDF Print E-mail
The March UASC meeting is this Wednesday, March 26th at the new Chicago Maritime Museum location, 1200 West 35th Street, Suite OE5010, Chicago, IL 60609. Free parking is available adjacent to the facility.  Use the entrance next to the loading dock on the north  side of the building (same side you wil park on).  The door is at ground level and the museum is on the lower level down the stairway. 
Included on the agenda this month will be the drawing for all new members to win one of three two tank dive trips with an area Dive Charter company.  I would like to thank Windy City Diving, Dive Right In Scuba, and Len-Der Charters for donating a spot on an upcoming charter.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated andI  hope that this effort is beneficial to your charter operations as well to UASC.  Thank you.
Our speaker will be Keith Pearson who has been making a living in the waters of the Great Lakes since the 1970s.  He is the owner of a Chicago based marine engineering company, tasked as the Salvage Master for Chicago Marine Towing, and is the Lead Recovery Engineer for A and T Recovery. Keith is also long time member and past president of the Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago.  Keith will be speaking
Keith Pearson with SPD
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June 2012 Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Gerty   

Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago

Meeting Minutes 27 June 2012


  • Approximately 24 members and guests met at 6:30 on the 8th floor of the Helix Building, 310 S. Racine at Jackson. 
  • New Members: 4 new memberships were accepted

Guest Speaker

  • This month's speaker is Mark Gleason, Director of Education and Chief Marine Scientist for the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum in Muskegon, Michigan. Mark is an ROV specialist, having conducted ROV operations to at least 2000 feet in the middle east on both oil rigs and dive boats. Mark has also developed educational programs as Chief Marine Scientist for the Denis Sullivan out of Discovery World in Milwaukee and as an Adjunct Faculty member at Grand Valley State University, and as the Director for the Isle Royale Institute at Michigan Tech University in Houghton, MI.

Bonus Presentation

  • This evening’s Bonus Speaker was past UASC President, Tony Kiefer. He continued his review of the finer points of wooden ship construction, especially as it applied to Great Lakes saiing vessels. Of special note was his primary reference work “Wooden Ship Building” by Charles Desmond. Originally published in 1919, reprints are available
  • Tonight's meeting was conducted by our President, John Bell. Refreshments were provided by Robert Hughes and Juli Scheibe.
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July 2013 PDF Print E-mail

Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago

Meeting Minutes 31 July 2013

(Meeting Minutes written August 27th, 2013 by John Gerty)


  • Approximately 30 members and guests met at 6:30 pm.  This month’s location was the Chicago Maritime Museum located on the 6th floor of the Helix Building on the southwest corner of Racine and Jackson.

Board and Committee Reports

  • President – John Bell  welcomed everyone. 
  • Secretary – John Gerty was present. The June meeting minutes were submitted.
  • Treasurer –Bob Gabois, reported on the status of the Treasury.
  • Membership Report – Scott Reimer provided updated membership rosters. 

Old Business

  • Jim Haigh Memorial Dive, July 28th– At Haigh Quarry; there will be a day of diving followed by a potluck dinner at 5:15pm and a night dive.
  • Annual Eastland Dissaster Program- In Wheaton at the Eastland Fellowship Authority, Center for History.

New Business

  • Thursday Night Dive Charters with Windy City Diving- UASC has agreed to establish six scheduled dive dates this season with Captn. Jim Gentile.  These dives will occur on Thursday evenings.  Cost will be underwritten by UASC to provide support for current shipwreck research projects. 4 to 6 divers will be accommodated.  Cost will be  $40 pp with 6 divers; $50 pp for 5 divers; or $60 pp for 4 divers.  Support is only for specific plans to accomplish specific goals on current research projects.
  • The Brendon Baillod program on Research Methodology: This follow-up program is still being worked on.  An announcement will be made via email once things are decided upon.
  • NAS Level I Course: Another course is being proposed; Date TBD; Kevin Cullen would conduct the course. 
  • NAS Level III:  Credit is being applied for those participants in the ROV Workshop held in the spring.  Submission of a syllabus appears to be sufficient to earn this credit.
  • Next UASC Meeting is August 28th: The speaker is to be announced in the next meeting announcement email. Thank you Jim Jarecki for arranging our speakers.
  • ICSSD reported by Claire Gadbois:
  • September 21st: International Beach Clean-up Day
  • October 19th President’s Night Dinner : At 6:30pm at Angelo’s Restaurant in Elmhurst
  • Survey Reports:
  • Car Ferry Barge No. 2: Nothing new to report..
  • Val’s Wreck: Nothing new to report.
  • Flora Hill: Nothing new to report.
  • Silver Spray: Jonathan Plotner reported a preliminary survey plan has been developed.
  • Wells Burt: Nothing new to report.
  • Solon H. Johnson:  One dive trip was accomplished.  Water was 52 F; some drawing was conducted, but a late start and the cold water hampered efforts.
  • July 31st speaker is: John Gerty may report on the Mystic Seaport Museum or the San Diego Maritime Museum.
  • Illinois Department of Natural Resources: Kim Krieling is the liaison for the DNR.  An underwater park for Chicago area shipwrecks is being  developed for submission to the Illinois legislature.
  • Kim Krieling : Requested a list of artifacts, held by UASC.  These are primarily from the Wells Burt and have been stored at various locations by UASC members.
  • Webmaster:  Jack Bolous brought up the issue of difficulties with organizing the Thursday Night Project Dives, which Windy City Diving has offered to support.
  • Bob Gadbois: Is creating a video archive of past UASC surveys.  A list will be posted on the web-site and access to the videos will be available  throught the members only area.
  • Chicago Scuba Meetup: Held on 3rd Mondays at Jak’s Tap.

Other Business

Thank you Chet Childs and Jim Jarecki for providing tonight’s refreshments.

Refreshments for the August meeting have yet to be arranged..

Featured Speaker: John Gerty

Subject: Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum

UASC Secretary John Gerty will report on the Wooden Boat (Magazine) Show held at Mystic Seaport Museum, in Mystic, Connecticut.  The museum has a large collection of historic watercraft on a site which mimics a New England maritime port.  There is a full boat works on site.  The whaling ship Charles W. Morgan, built in 1841 and active until 1928, has been recently restored at Mystic.

Upcoming Events.

  • UASC- Scheduled speakers have been named for October: Stephen Cullen, of WUA; November: James Delgado; December: Holiday Party; January 2014: UASC Survey Project Reports.
  • Tall Ships Chicago at Navy Pier:  August 7th -11th.  There is a Group-on discount available.
  • Association for Great Lakes Maritime History:  Septmber 13th-14th; Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island: Beginning with a reception on Thursday evening, plans for this year’s conference include an opportunity to visit a number of sites on historic Mackinac Island which was the site of one of the earliest battles of the War of 1812 on the Great Lakes. In addition to its capture by British forces at the start of the conflict, following the Siege of Fort Mackinac, the island was also the site of one of the first setbacks for American forces following their naval victory at the Battle of Lake Erie in 1813

Other Business

  • Refreshments – Thanks to Dan Kasberger for his continuing organizing of the refreshments.
  • Meeting Ended – The meeting ended with project leaders presenting reports and stating future goals for their endeavors.
  • Adjournment: Discussions continue after the meeting at Union Park or Ricobenes’s.
Strictly Sail Show PDF Print E-mail

This Thursday - Sunday, January 24-27, is the Strictly Sail show at Navy Pier The cost of entry is very reasonable and includes many free seminars ranging from Boat Handling to the history of sailing ships during the War of 1812. The UASC is not exhibiting at this show, but if you go, pay attention to the exhibitors in regards to what seems to work well and what doesn't. Please take photos and let the UASC officers know your opinions about this so it can be taken into consideration for future UASC displays. 

If you are a diver and need to get any of your gear serviced, now is the time to get it done.
If you are a researcher, let me know if you want to join me at the National Archives, History Museum, Newberry Library, Harold Washington library or any other research facility that you are interested in. 

Don't forget to tell your friends and anyone who may be interested, that the UASC has a new meeting location for this January's meeting, as well as our Guest Speaker, Dr. Anna Roosevelt who will be discussing her underwater work discovering new Paleo Indian sites. More info on both of these is available on the UASC website. 

See you at the January 30 UASC meeting,

February Meeting PDF Print E-mail


My apologies for the late announcement regarding the upcoming February meeting but it took a while to work out all of the logistics as the meeting will be at new venue.

February's meeting will be this coming Wednesday, February 26th at the new Chicago Maritime Museum location, 1200 West 35th Street, Suite OE5010, Chicago, IL 60609. Free parking is available adjacent to or near the facility. One of the logistical issues was seating, the museum is not set up yet and they have not yet received the new chairs that have been ordered. I do anticipate having about 30 folding chairs available which may not be sufficient. To safeguard against a shortfall, I'm asking our members to consider bringing a chair or two with them if possible on Wednesday.

Read more... [February Meeting]
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